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Adding a Purchase Order Number or Internal Reference Number

To assist customers with cross-referencing and reconciliation of accounts payable all Account Types (Education, Government & Business) prompt an additional fill in box at the checkout process. This feature allows the entering of any Purchase Order (PO) number or internal reference number to be added to each individual Booktopia order. The PO or Reference Number is recorded on the Booktopia Tax Invoice which can be accessed from the Invoices and Shipment section under My Orders/Order History.

If the number was not available when the order was submitted a Purchase Order Number or Internal Reference number can be added later.

Go to My Orders/Order History, select the Order, then click on Add a Purchase Order/ Internal Reference Number to your order.

Please note: for any orders where the payment is a funds transfer or being mailed to Booktopia in the form of a cheque or money order, the order cannot be processed until the monies have been received and the funds have been cleared in our account.